On this blog, we share the stories of people all over San Antonio who are leading change. Read about the individuals, organizations, and collaborations that are moving us closer to the shared Community Vision.

Big Lessons From Our Smallest Citizens

By Dave Gannon The 2012-13 school year was my first year as a San Antonio Youth Literacy Reading Buddy.  After just one year, I’m convinced that more people need to get involved in programs like this one. My Buddy is an

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Why Great Parks Put a City at the Top of my List

By Hannah Monroe, SA2020 Trinity Mellon Fellow in Neighborhoods and Growth Management I’m going to confess something that you hopefully agree with: I think parks are wonderful! Yep. That’s it. Guess that’s not much of a secret. Although you might

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Why I’m Stubborn About San Antonio

By Nicole Goodman, Trinity Mellon Fellow in Downtown Development San Antonio is a special place. Sure, Austin’s got the music thing, and the Sixth Street thing, and the all-around “chill” thing. Young people love it and want to live there.

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SAtown: So Fresh Right Now

By Moira Allen, SA2020 Trinity Mellon Fellow in Arts & Culture Hello there my fellow San Antonians, I’m pretty darn passionate about San Antonio and where it’s going, because it’s been my home since I was a wee(er) one. I

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Finding Balance

By Salome Wilfred, SA2020 Trinity Mellon Fellow in Health & Fitness The best advice I’ve ever received from someone was the importance of balance: balance with a healthy distribution of family, social activity, work and fitness activities. As a current

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Career and Community

By Gus Sullivan Hello amazing SA2020 community! My name is Gus Sullivan and I work for San Antonio B-cycle. I wanted to share my story about how I ended up where I am today and how B-cycle and SA2020 are

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Our Friend, Data

By Callie Helms, SA2020 LEE Fellow  Data. Just reading the word instantly makes people perk up or recoil. If you internally cringed, I would guess you claim that you’re just not a “numbers person.” If you readied your critical-thinking self,

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SA2020 Data Convening on June 4th, 2013

What a Month!

To mark this first glorious day of July, we gathered a few SA2020 highlights from the last lunar cycle in case you missed them: On June 4th, we released our very first Data Report! This is our first community Report

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