On this blog, we share the stories of people all over San Antonio who are leading change. Read about the individuals, organizations, and collaborations that are moving us closer to the shared Community Vision.

David Nikaido

New Eyewear for San Antonio

By David Nikaido, SA2020 Trinity Mellon Fellow in Education, Summer 2013 When I first heard the name SA2020, I thought it was some local vision care provider. I wasn’t in need of new eyewear, so I shrugged it off.  The

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San Antonio: A City on the Rise

By Lorenzo Gomez How do you tell your story or sell your idea in seven words or less? In the start-up world the ability to distill your idea into one sentence is an art that takes almost NBA-level practice at

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SA2020 Fellows, Millennials, and Fellow Millennials

By Brittany Sharnsky, SA2020 team member and Ambassador for Downtown Development Here’s the thing—Millennials get a bad rap, but they’re kind of my favorite people (and not just because I am one). Even though Millennials are chided for tweeting, facebooking

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Thoughts on NDO

Today the San Antonio City Council will make a decision regarding the proposed Non Discrimination Ordinance. After setting aside the complexity of unwritten inferences, and cultural, religious, or environmental biases on both sides of this issue, I see something quite

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Citizens to Be Heard

By T. J. Mayes,  SA2020 Ambassador in Civic Engagement Several times a month, citizens get an opportunity to speak directly to the Mayor and City Council about whatever topic they choose. This event, called “Citizens to Be Heard,” is a

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Turning Observation Into Action

By Laura Carter As a longtime resident of San Antonio, blogger and nonprofit enthusiast, I have been aware of SA2020 since the beginning. I watched the NOWCastSA live webcast of the first community meeting. Skeptical, but interested, I payed attention

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