Comments from the Peanut Gallery

headshotBy Chris Weigand, President of Big Red Dog San Antonio


Here at BIG RED DOG Engineering, we’re huge fans of SA2020.  Downtown Development is our passion, and we are never disappointed when another reason to renovate, revitalize, and rejuvenate comes around.   Being able to revitalize an area and repurpose something old to new is why I enjoy the land development industry.  All great cities have great downtowns, and I’m excited to be in a place where we can see this transformation occurring today.  Most recently, our team has been working on the highly anticipated Peanut Factory project, located on South Frio Street.

Peanut Factory Page 001The beauty of this project won’t just be another awesome place to live downtown, but its alignment with the SA2020 goal of increasing downtown housing for residents by 5,000 units by the end of 2020.  This project will add approximately 90 units and 15 townhomes, and it just broke ground!  The lofts are also located just a mile from UTSA’s downtown campus, further promoting the goal of increasing housing for students downtown as well.

In a recent Op-Ed for the Express-News, I discussed the positive attributes of downtown development.  We see it from an investor standpoint, and in the excitement that is generated from the public over these projects. San Antonio is a city on the rise, and we’re definitely on our way to becoming a world-class city. It’s our hope that BIG RED DOG can continue pursuing SA2020 goals to make downtown San Antonio better, brighter, and now with a slightly nutty flavor.


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