Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about the community’s vision and our organization. After all, SA2020 and what’s happening in San Antonio are both pretty unique. We’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions below. Still have a question? Get in touch with us!


How did this whole thing get started?

In 2010, then-Mayor Julián Castro launched a community-wide visioning process. In partnership with a Steering Committee of 25 San Antonians, and through a series of public meetings, online chat sessions, and surveys, nearly 6,000 San Antonians from across the city shaped a shared vision for the community by the year 2020. San Antonians defined community results and prioritized community indicators by which to measure progress.


And then you…became a nonprofit?

After co-creating a sweeping vision, San Antonians knew that leaving the report on a shelf would be a disservice to the bold goals. SA2020 started as the shorthand for San Antonio’s shared Community Vision and became the name under which we operate as a nonprofit. Today, SA2020 drives progress toward a shared Community Vision for San Antonio through research, storytelling, and practice.


But it’s not 2020 anymore…so…what’s with your name?

Holding onto that name honors the original visioning process and solidifies the organization’s continued work in holding institutions accountable to shared goals.


How do you collect your data? Where does it come from?

SA2020 tracks community indicator data. We analyze the data from more than 30 data sources and make it publicly available. No other organization in San Antonio is tracking or analyzing this information to the extent that SA2020 does.


I’m really concerned about ____. Can you track that, too?

SA2020 tracks Community Indicators, which covers population-level data, that have been prioritized by San Antonians, during the original visioning process in 2010 and again in 2020. SA2020 complements the community data with local and national research. On occasion, we will shift the way we measure something to make sure we are always telling the most complete story. This is a long-form way of saying, we love research and data. We likely will not track the data you have in mind as a Community Indicator, but we’ll consider it if it helps us tell a more complete story. Email us at


What does SA2020 do exactly?

We drive progress toward the shared Community Vision and all of our work falls under research, storytelling, and practice.

  • Research: SA2020 produces broadly accessible, responsive, and actionable research so that individual community members and entire organizations are aware of San Antonio’s progress and challenges, as well as how they can lead change. SA2020’s research includes an analysis of Community Indicators disaggregated by race and City Council District wherever possible.
  • Storytelling: By tracking Community Indicators and partnering with more than 140 multi-sector organizations, SA2020 holds a unique bird’s eye view of San Antonio. We use this information to tell more complete stories of San Antonio’s progress. These stories celebrate incremental change and reaffirm the community’s shared goals in order to catalyze community engagement.
  • Practice: SA2020 recognizes that we as individuals make up the larger systems we seek to change. We therefore invite leaders across the community to grow their impact and strengthen the capacity of multi-sector organizations to advance racial equity and move the needle on Community Results.


Hang on…so you’re not part of the local government?

Nope. We work with the City — they are an integral partner to achieving our shared community results. We do receive some funding from the City, about 20% of our budget, but the City is like so many of our other partners, working with SA2020 to align their efforts toward your community results.


So how are you funded?

Like any other nonprofit organization. You can support our work by making a one-time or monthly donation. We have corporate and foundation supporters, a full list of which can be found on our donor page. We also support multi-sector organizations in strengthening their capacities to drive impact and charge fees for this service.


How can I get involved in SA2020?

We love this question! We believe everyone is capable of leading change. So, we don’t go anywhere without specific calls to action.