SA2020’s operations will end on March 28, 2024.
Our data, reports, and stories will remain online through September 2024. Read more about our decision to dissolve on our blog.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is SA2020 dissolving?

We actually wrote a little something about this on our blog. Here’s the short(er) answer: San Antonio’s shared community vision is more than a talking point. It requires practice. For leaders of local institutions, that means honestly examining the impact of their policy-making and funding. As SA2020 got better at driving progress toward San Antonio’s shared community vision, the challenge of operating as a nonprofit became greater and more clear. Relentless institutional backlash to our strengthened ability to advocate for racial equity has put unnecessary constraints on our work, keeping us from most effectively fulfilling our mission. We refuse to be silenced or to skirt our organizational values of leadership, community, and accountability to secure funding or “a seat at the table” where decisions are made. This power dynamic holds back San Antonio’s progress and is a disservice to the shared community vision. This is why dissolving is the most visionary thing we can do. 


Who made the decision to dissolve SA2020?

After more than a year of considering various alternatives to our current model, the SA2020 Team recommended this decision to the Board. The Board approved SA2020’s dissolution on December 7, 2023. This was done with intentionality and full transparency between the Team and Board. Our decision to dissolve—just like our successes—reflect the cumulative lessons learned from more than a decade of work and show exactly how we practice our values of leadership, community, and accountability. 


Is SA2020 dissolving because it has no money?

No. We made the decision to dissolve with six months of funding secured. Six months of funding is outstanding for any nonprofit and even more so for one of our size—our budget is less than $500,000 and our team consists of three people.


When is SA2020 dissolving?

The organization will cease operations on March 28. The website will remain active through September 2024.

What is happening to SA2020’s remaining funds?

When the SA2020 Board voted to dissolve the nonprofit, they also approved an operating budget for 2024. The budget includes expenses to support SA2020 operations through March, dissolution tasks (e.g. legal counsel, tax preparation, and supporting the availability of our digital resources through September 2024), and employee severance packages. In adherence to IRS requirements, any financial assets (aka money) that remain after the organization legally dissolves will be distributed to another 501c3, to be determined by the Board. 


Is SA2020 dissolving because the City of San Antonio stopped funding SA2020?

No. The City of San Antonio historically funded SA2020’s annual data release. We’re proud to have updated our digital data dashboards this year without funding from the City. And we’re proud to have closed the gap in funding abruptly lost from the City last year through our fees for service—working with organizations to strengthen their capacity to practice and advance racial equity.


Is SA2020 dissolving due to backlash from the Statement on Palestine?

No. There’s no single issue that caused SA2020’s dissolution. Rather, it’s the conditions of work forced upon us by multiple local institutions that hurts our ability to serve the community and uphold the shared community vision. Check out our blog for a more thorough understanding of our decision to dissolve.


How long will the digital data dashboards be available?

The digital data dashboards, along with the last twelve years of research and stories, will remain available at through September 2024.

How can I hold onto SA2020’s data and reports after September 2024?

From SA2020’s homepage, you can explore the indicators we track. Once you land on an indicator page, you can click on the top right of any chart and choose download options. You can also download our reports. These resources will be available through September 2024.


Why not archive the webpage so people know forever that this cool thing existed?

This is a great idea! If you represent a local education organization that’s willing to keep SA2020’s webpage as an archive, let us know by emailing We also have physical copies of SA2020’s annual reports that can be archived.


What happens to the community vision?

The community vision will remain relevant with the people who co-created it, or otherwise believe in a visionary future. 


I’m an SA2020 Partner. What happens to our Partnership?

Thank you for your steadfast commitment to San Antonio’s shared community vision! Partner pages will remain on the website through March 2024. After that, they will be deleted. 


I see SA2020 released a policy agenda. What’s that?

Six months into every fiscal year, which runs October 1 – September 30, the City Manager makes recommendations to the San Antonio City Council for a mid-year budget adjustment. This policy agenda focuses on 6 policies that the City of San Antonio can adapt as early as March 2024, 6 months into its current Fiscal Year. The policies focus on worker’s rights and economic development, civic engagement, environmental sustainability, community safety, housing affordability, mobility, public transportation, and accessibility. ocal nonprofits, organizers, and everyday San Antonians can use this policy agenda to inform their advocacy and engagement during the City’s mid-year budget adjustment.