Achieving the Community Vision Requires Advancing Racial Equity

The first decade of progress has shown us that achieving the shared Community Vision for everyone who calls San Antonio home requires advancing racial equity. 

In recognizing that racial disparities across all indicators are deep and pervasive, SA2020 “leads with race” in our research, storytelling, and partnership capacity-building work. This approach offers the focus and specificity necessary for moving the needle incrementally on Community Results, while creating the processes to address inequities in all forms. 

Targeting interventions in this way advances equity, which is both a process and an outcome: the process of designing policies, budgets, and programs that account for the different needs of the community, the process of collaborating across organizations to make the greatest impact, and the success of improving people’s lives. Racial equity, more specifically, is achieved when race does not determine or predict a person’s outcomes. 

To begin advancing equity or to deepen existing work, particularly in cross-sector collaborations, SA2020 champion’s the following agreements:

  • Advancing racial equity uplifts the entire community.
  • Race matters. Race and place (e.g. zip code) affect people’s life outcomes, yet race is often left out of the conversation and the plan. To agree that race matters is to be explicit, not exclusive, about race. 
  • Systems change is paramount. While people’s individual behaviors are important to leading change, the large-scale change necessary to reach Community Results requires strengthening the impact of entire institutions and sectors. This comes with acknowledging that institutions have historically perpetuated inequity. 
  • We all hold power to lead change.
  • Moving from valuing equity to practicing equity requires continuous learning and improvement.