SA2020’s operations ended on March 28, 2024.
Our data, reports, and stories will remain online through September 2024. Read more about our decision to dissolve on our blog.
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COVID-19 Dashboards

COVID-19 Health Dashboard

The COVID-19 Health Dashboard offers a look at confirmed cases and deaths over time, as well as cases and deaths disaggregated by race/ethnicity, sex, and age. You can also see vaccination data.

COVID-19 Workforce Dashboard

See the economic impact of COVID-19 in San Antonio through local unemployment claims on our dashboard in partnership with Workforce Solutions Alamo.

COVID-19 Health Dashboard

SA2020 maintained this COVID-19 Health Dashboard from March 1, 2020 to March 5, 2022. While it is no longer being updated, it will remain as an archive of daily cases, deaths, vaccinations, and milestones. To those who lost a loved one during this pandemic, we will work hard to ensure that the Community Vision is realized.

Last updated: March 5, 2022

Local Workforce Dashboard

This dashboard is shared in partnership with Workforce Solutions Alamo. While WSA covers a thirteen-county region, the information here is disaggregated by Bexar County and City of San Antonio to show who is disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis and where targeted interventions for economic development are needed the most in an effort to move closer to San Antonio’s Community Vision.

Last Updated: June 30, 2020