SA2020 drives progress toward a shared Community Vision for San Antonio through research, storytelling, and practice.

Core Values

  • Community: We work to achieve results prioritized by the community. We follow and uphold the community’s vision, understanding that the collective well-being of San Antonians is a shared responsibility.
  • Accountability: The community’s agenda is our agenda. We are transparent and intentional in our work, holding ourselves, multi-sector organizations, and elected officials accountable to collective goals.
  • Leadership: We believe everyone is capable of affecting change, and we respect knowledge and expertise across all levels of organizational hierarchy and power.
  • Curiosity: We challenge one another to ask “why.” We practice continuous learning and improvement, while always leading with results.
  • Celebration: We celebrate incremental change. We seek joy while engaging in the difficult work of systems change.

Strategic Direction

SA2020’s Work Highlighted By Researchers and Other Communities

Brookings Institution
A roadmap to developing inclusive regional economic indicators | 2021


American Institutes for Research (AIR)
Aligning Systems with Communities to Advance Equity through Shared Measurement | 2020


Industrial Strategy Council
What Does It Take to Level Up Places? | 2020


ICMA (International City Managers’ Association)
San Antonio: Using a City-Wide Visioning Plan to Promote Community Equity | 2018


National League of Cities
City Profile on Racial Equity: San Antonio, TX | 2018