SA2020 drives progress toward a shared Community Vision for San Antonio through research, storytelling, and practice.

Core Values

  • Community: We work to achieve results prioritized by the community. We follow and uphold the community’s vision, understanding that the collective well-being of San Antonians is a shared responsibility.
  • Accountability: The community’s agenda is our agenda. We are transparent and intentional in our work, holding ourselves, multi-sector organizations, and elected officials accountable to collective goals.
  • Leadership: We believe everyone is capable of affecting change, and we respect knowledge and expertise across all levels of organizational hierarchy and power.
  • Curiosity: We challenge one another to ask “why.” We practice continuous learning and improvement, while always leading with results.
  • Celebration: We celebrate incremental change. We seek joy while engaging in the difficult work of systems change.

Strategic Direction

SA2020’s Work Highlighted By Researchers and Other Communities


American Institutes for Research (AIR)
Aligning Systems with Communities to Advance Equity through Shared Measurement | 2020


Industrial Strategy Council
What Does It Take to Level Up Places? | 2020


ICMA (International City Managers’ Association)
San Antonio: Using a City-Wide Visioning Plan to Promote Community Equity | 2018


National League of Cities
City Profile on Racial Equity: San Antonio, TX | 2018