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List of ‘Lection Links

Have you voted yet?

Friday marks the last day of early voting before the election on Nov. 5th. This time around, the ballot is filled with Texas Constitutional Amendments that can seriously affect important policy issues in our state and city. Awesomely, the Capitol is reporting that early voting turnout is already double what it’s been in past years! These issues are important. So is making your voice count.

Below you’ll find a list of important and useful sites and articles filled with information on the current amendments election–what’s on the ballot, what it means for the state and city, where you can vote, the new voter ID law, and some arguments for and against the highest-profile issue on the ballot. An informed citizen is an engaged citizen.

You said you wanted to increase voter turnout, and we’re here to help make that happen. Now read up, and go vote!

On The Ballot

Informational Guide – Proposed Constitutional Amendments – An incredibly long summary of the ballot propositions from the Texas Senate. ( from Texas Legislative Council)

Another (Shorter) Informational Guide – Proposed Constitutional Amendments – A shorter summary of the ballot propositions from the Texas Senate. (from Texas Secretary of State)

Constitutional amendment votes will have heavy impact – A summary of the propositions, along with perspectives from some sponsoring legislators, background on amendments elections and how certain issues fit into national context.

Vote early in amendment election – (Opinion) Some background on amendment elections, as well as recommendations for each proposition from the SA Express News Editorial Board.

Voters Guide: 2013 Constitutional Amendment Election – The League of Women Voters compiled this unbiased summary of all the proposed amendments, voting rules, important things to know, as well as basic arguments for and against each proposition. Awesome!

Voting Information

Map: where to find early voting polling locations – (NOWCastSA) Gotta know where you’re going to get there!

Required Identification For Voting In Person – This is the first election with the new Texas Voter ID law enforced – be sure you know what kind of ID you need to bring and how to get it.

Early Voting Daily Totals – We know you’re as nerdy about Civic Engagement as we are… follow this site to watch the voter numbers climb and compare your area to others in the county!

The Big One

Proposition 6 –

“This constitutional amendment would create the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas and the State Water Implementation Revenue Fund for Texas to help finance the state’s water plan to ensure the continued availability of adequate water resources.”

Support flows, opposition simmers for water funding – Start-Telegram

Water Funding Proposition Makes Unusual Allies – The Texas Tribune

The Argument Against the Prop. 6 Water Plan – Texas Public Radio

The Accuracy and Inaccuracy of Anti-Prop 6 Arguments – UT Law Grid

Proposition 6 FAQs – Texas Water Development Board

League of Women’s Voters Forum on Proposition 6 (Video) – NOWCastSA