The mission of SA2020 is to catalyze the entire San Antonio community into passionate, focused, and sustained action to achieve the shared goals that will transform San Antonio into a world-class city by the year 2020 in eleven key vision areas.

Primary Elections: Know All the Things!

Here’s the deal: in 2010, our community decided that we wanted to become a city where “citizens are deeply engaged as elected leaders, business leaders, volunteers, and voters in the process of making government more responsive and accountable to San

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EnrollSA Aims to Increase Access to Healthcare in SA

San Antonio’s grassroots, nonprofit, health care and government leaders are combining efforts to educate the more than 212,000 uninsured people in Bexar County about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the benefits of health care coverage. “EnrollSA” is a coalition

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SA2020 Year in Review: Top 20 of 2013

It’s been quite a year, folks! As excited as we are for 2014 (we’ve got some epic plans…), we also can’t help but reminisce on all the amazing, awesome things that happened in 2013. Our city got fitter, our staff

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List of ‘Lection Links

Have you voted yet? Friday marks the last day of early voting before the election on Nov. 5th. This time around, the ballot is filled with Texas Constitutional Amendments that can seriously affect important policy issues in our state and

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SA2020 Data Convening on June 4th, 2013

What a Month!

To mark this first glorious day of July, we gathered a few SA2020 highlights from the last lunar cycle in case you missed them: On June 4th, we released our very first Data Report! This is our first community Report

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