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Early Voting Starts TODAY!


You may have noticed there’s been a lot of political talk around town lately, so you probably know that we are in the midst of electing a new Mayor of San Antonio. You should also know that there’s a bit more to this municipal election – city council seats, charter amendments, propositions for new parks and protection of our water supply, and more. The city officials we elect will make decisions that directly affect our daily lives in the community.

Not only is the election important, but your vote is important. San Antonio has an embarrassingly low voter turnout rate – just 7.6% in the last municipal election. The SA2020 goal is 14.7% by 2020, so we’ve got to kick it into gear. The more people get to the polls, the more our government actually reflects the will of the people who live here.

Don’t know where to start? Well now you have no excuse – all the info you need is below in this handy blog. You. Are. Welcome. Now share this with everyone you know, and go vote!

What you need to know

Early Voting: April 27th – May 5th

During Early Voting, you can cast your ballot anytime during the week without having to wait in the long lines on Election Day. Voting early also gives you the right to brag to all your friends and pressure them into voting too. Because voting makes you cool, and everyone knows that.

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Download The Voting App – SA Edition

Recently launched in SA, The Voting App is the one-stop-shop for all candidate info.

It’s as easy as typing in your address. You can also print off a sample ballot, and mark down all the candidates you found out you liked because you used The Voting App. Please note: Texas law bans the use of wireless communications devices within 100 feet of voting stations.

In the latest version of the app, you’ll also find the SA2020 Municipal Candidate Survey, where we asked the candidates to respond to questions about the 11 causes in the SA2020 vision.


Attend a Mayoral Forum

Once you’ve done some background research on the candidates, you’ve also got the chance to hear them speak about their platforms in person. There are three forums left – Change the Vote, a “discussion on arts as an economic engine to revitalize San Antonio” on April 27th, and a forum presented by the San Antonio LULAC Council in partnership with MOVE San Antonio and the Pride Center of San Antonio, at the San Antonio Area Foundation (303 Pearl Pkwy.) at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 28.

Review the Charter Amendments and Propositions

In addition to candidates, there will also be changes to the city charter and propositions that affect important things like conserving the Edwards Aquifer, city council and mayoral pay, the development of new parks and voting on streetcar development in San Antonio. If this sounds like a lot to study, not to fear! There’s a handy one-sheeter from the city clerk’s office that outlines all the main points in easy-to-read language.

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Find Your Polling Place

It’s as easy as typing in your address. You can also print off a sample ballot, and mark down all the candidates you found out you liked because you used The Voting App.

Or you can use this handy-dandy map from our friends at NowCastSA that shows you ALL the early voting polling locations!

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Bring Your ID

As a result of the passing of Senate Bill 14, voters are now required to present an approved form of photo identification in order to vote in all Texas Elections. Visit VoteTexas.Gov for more information.

Tell Your Friends

Research shows that it takes three touch-points to turn a would-be voter into an actual voter. It’s as easy as posting a photo of your awesome “I Voted” sticker, or calling a neighbor and saying “Hey you need a ride to the polls? I’m leaving right now and you can check out The Voting App on the way.” Also, as we mentioned earlier, voting gives you every right to brag to everyone you see about how engaged you are in your community. Your vote is your voice. Use it.