SA2020’s operations ended on March 28, 2024.
Our data, reports, and stories will remain online through September 2024. Read more about our decision to dissolve on our blog.
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Neighbors Supporting Neighbors

In Maranda Hernandez’s work to end child abuse as a community health worker, she asks parents about their own childhood experiences. “With a lot of my families, we went back to ‘well, how were things for you when you were

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A Safe Space—and a Stronger Community

As president and CEO of Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc. (FVPS), the umbrella organization in charge of running the Battered Women and Children’s Shelter, Marta Peláez wants to reframe the conversation around domestic violence. She wants people to understand that

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Give Back to San Antonio, Fiesta-Style

It’s almost here, San Antonio: the best time of the year. Fiesta, the one-of-a-kind celebration of San Antonio’s history and culture, kicks off on Thursday. And while there are a ton of reasons to love Fiesta (the food, entertainment, cascarón

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How to Celebrate International Women’s Day Locally

Happy International Women’s Day! On this day especially, we consider how to make our community more inclusive and equitable. While that may sound like a big task, there are—as always—ways to make small, incremental change. You can get started with

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The Thrill of Making Waves

Kayaking is something you do on the East Coast, Western Rivers or Boundary Waters. On travel blogs’ lists of places to enjoy water recreation, arid South Central Texas isn’t even in the Top 50—yet. On Saturday, November 11, 2017, hundreds

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