SA2020’s operations ended on March 28, 2024.
Our data, reports, and stories will remain online through September 2024. Read more about our decision to dissolve on our blog.
SA2020 | Saying Yes to Service, Growth, and Believing in Myself | SA2020

Saying Yes to Service, Growth, and Believing in Myself

I love San Antonio. I want San Antonio to grow and thrive. And I want to be a part of that positive growth. So when I saw The Board Game email pop up in my inbox, I was intrigued. The Board Game recruits and trains people to serve on boards, and then matches them with San Antonio nonprofits. As a thirty-something Latina, I know that board members don’t typically look like me. But the application said that people of color and people under the age of 40 were particularly encouraged to apply. 

How could I say no to that? I’ve tried to find a San Antonio board to join before and it was overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start. And here they’re handing me the opportunity to serve in a very accessible way.  

So I said yes. 

I eagerly completed the application, an application that asked about my values and my commitment ability. I was told I matched with some of their partner organizations. They didn’t tell me who. I attended the board training. And then I waited. And waited. And waited some more. 

Finally I got the email, the email that me and the rest of The Board Game participants have been patiently waiting for – The Board Game: Your Matches are Ready! The excitement! After filling out the survey and telling them all the issues that I care about the most, they paired me with multiple organizations. Organizations that align with my values. Organizations that desire my skills. Organizations that are going to allow me to serve and contribute to San Antonio’s growth. And The Board Game did the hard work—they found the organizations for me. All I had to do was say yes and fill out a survey that described my values. 

My heart soared as I read over email. I was so stoked to see the organizations that I paired with. It was so fun to read through each organization and learn about their missions and unique structures. Especially since they all supported my top values in some way. 

There was one organization that floored me, y’all. It was SA2020. You know, THE SA2020. The organization hosting this piece. The organization that hosts The Board Game! The organization that focuses on San Antonio’s growth. The organization that is driven and shaped by data. And I love data! I love that data can power us to make positive change in the world. 

But I was drawn to more than just their data. I deeply connected with their commitment to racial justice and their focus on growing San Antonio leaders. SA2020 wants diverse representation on our San Antonio nonprofit boards, a representation that matches the demographics of the city we live in. They don’t just talk about it, they ARE about it. That’s why they created The Board Game. And they want you to apply. 

I want you to apply, too. 

Because your voice matters. Do you live, work, and play in San Antonio? Your voice has relevant opinions. You have things to say. You can contribute to the positive growth of San Antonio. You can say yes, too. And we can help you do it. 

In case you haven’t already guessed, I joined the board of SA2020. 

I did have some doubts when I applied for the board of SA2020. They had an all-star cast of board members already. But I reminded myself that my experiences and opinions matter. My voice matters. And I do have skills to offer. So I said yes. I said yes to believing in myself and my worth. I said yes to my own growth. And I said yes to being able to help San Antonio thrive. 

I’m looking forward to the ways I can contribute to the success of SA2020. I also can’t wait until they let me pop back the hood, and see how SA2020 uses data to match applicants with organizations. And then I can see The Board Game magic that lifts up San Antonians and helps us all grow. 

The Board Game application is open for prospective board members through Sunday, July 24th. Find out more and apply.