On this blog, we share the stories of people all over San Antonio who are leading change. Read about the individuals, organizations, and collaborations that are moving us closer to the shared Community Vision.

COVID-19: So… What Can We Do?

COVID-19 has created a good deal of stress and uncertainty in our community (and all communities), to be sure. At the same time, it’s also an opportunity to take care of our neighbors—which is perfect in a city that outlined

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In the foreground is a close up of a yard sign that reads "Aquí Vote Here". In the background are students lined up outside to vote

Ready to Vote in the Primaries?

2020 is a big year for our community: we’re reaffirming and strengthening San Antonio’s Community Vision, completing the U.S. Census, and voting in elections that will have major implications for our future. First up: the primaries! We want you to

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It’s 2020. What Now?

More than nine years ago, thousands of San Antonians gathered to map out a Community Vision for the future. Together we prioritized what we wanted to see maintained or improved, and then we set real, measurable goals—for the year 2020.

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Meet Carina, Our Community Impact Analyst!

The SA2020 Team is now seven! We’re so glad to have Carina Hiscock join us as our Community Impact Analyst. In her new role, she will help us track, analyze, and strengthen progress toward San Antonio’s shared Community Vision. Get

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The Board Game: Filling Gaps

The SA2020 Nonprofit Partner Impact Report, released in January 2019, paints a high-level picture of 126 nonprofit organizations (out of the nearly 5,000 in Bexar County) that are actively aligning to San Antonio’s Community Vision. The work they do every

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To Reimagine Broadway, Look to Our Shared Vision

In 2010, nearly 6,000 people came together to develop a shared vision for the future of San Antonio. It was arguably the most successful community engagement process in San Antonio’s history. Because the vision was written by the community, we

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Say Hello to Our 22 New Nonprofit Partners!

We’re so excited to have 22 (!) new Nonprofit Partners on board! These organizations are all working toward San Antonio’s shared vision—and they’re able to show exactly how. Our partnership provides opportunities to strengthen and better communicate their impact, and

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We’re Welcoming Four New Board Members!

As we move into the ninth year since our community developed a shared vision for thriving San Antonio, SA2020 has doubled down on our commitment to driving progress toward that vision. This includes bringing on new members of our team.

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Meet Jessica, our Administrative Coordinator!

We are so thrilled to welcome Jessica Gutierrez to our team! A native San Antonian, Jessica is passionate about nonprofit work, education, and of course, the Spurs. She’ll bring her experience and expertise in administration and development to our work,

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