On this blog, we share the stories of people all over San Antonio who are leading change. Read about the individuals, organizations, and collaborations that are moving us closer to the shared Community Vision.

Summer Camp is in Session

School’s out! We can still remember the euphoria of the first day of summer vacation… followed by the inevitable boredom that sunk in a week or two later. Fortunately, San Antonio nonprofits are here to make sure our kids’ summers are fun, educational, and active. We’ve put together a list of camps hosted by our Nonprofit Partners, and now we’re considering crashing a few ourselves. From movie making to dinosaur tracking, there’s a camp for every young person this summer!

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How Can We “Future-Proof” San Antonio?

As futuristic movies and TV have shown us, it’s hard to predict exactly what the future will hold. (Where are our flying cars?) And when it comes to the future of a community and the people in it, there are a whole lot of factors to consider: federal or state policy changes, the automation of jobs, natural disasters, new technology, and more.

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Thinking Beyond 2020

“What happens in 2020?” It’s our most frequently asked question. Though our community set goals for the year 2020, we all know that the work won’t end when the new decade begins. Next year, we’ll go back out to the

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On Earth Day, Show Some Love to Our Environment

Happy Earth Day, San Antonio! We’re lucky to live in a city filled with and surrounded by so much much natural beauty—and to have so many people and organizations protecting it. Today especially, we hope you’ll consider how your actions might affect our entire community. Are you driving when you could be walking or cycling (and enjoying our beautiful Spring weather)? Relying on too many single-use coffee cups after late Spurs games? Creating a little too much trash at Fiesta celebrations?

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Get To Know Our New Nonprofit Partners

Say hello to the 9 new SA2020 Nonprofit Partners! These organizations are all working toward our shared community vision—across 9 of our Cause Areas. They join 126 existing SA2020 Nonprofit Partners for a total of 135 nonprofit organizations aligning their efforts toward the

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Happy International Women’s Day, San Antonio!

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate girls and women and recommit to building a more gender-balanced world. When we make our own community more equitable, we know we’ll move the needle on our shared goals for all of San Antonio.

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