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SA2020 | DIY Fiesta Medal Workshops Spur the Community’s Creative Side | SA2020
Fiesta Medals - Make San Antonio

DIY Fiesta Medal Workshops Spur the Community’s Creative Side

Who doesn’t love Fiesta? This San Antonio celebration brings the community together in more ways than one. Sure, we bond over parade festivities between bites of turkey legs and chicken-on-a-stick. But don’t forget about those much sought after Fiesta medals!

In March and April 2016, in collaboration with the San Antonio Public Library, Make San Antonio hosted “Kick Start Your Fiesta with DIY Fiesta Medal” workshops. These free, family-friendly workshops were held at select San Antonio Public Libraries including Pruitt, Mission, Tobin at Oakwell, Pan American, Cortez, Forest Hills and Thousand Oaks. The total participation across the seven libraries brought in 183 individuals who made DIY Fiesta medals.

Fiesta Medals 1

We hosted just about everyone from grandmas working side-by-side with their grandchildren to young couples and friends. The event brought out a nice mix of young and old, as well as frequent Fiesta goers and Fiesta freshmen. While participants decorated their medals they shared stories of past Fiesta events, and also shared tips of when and where to get the most popular Fiesta medals.

It was a treat to see everyone so excited about making their own medals. For us, it was fun to watch people’s creativity come alive. Oftentimes you give a person a creative project, and they fear they’re doing it wrong. With creativity there is no right or wrong, and during these workshops we witnessed first-hand how people let their guard down and let their creativity loose. It was wild and uplifting to see participants literally color outside the lines, make masterpieces and proudly display their handmade Fiesta medals.

Fiesta Medals - Make San Antonio

Throughout these workshops, we feel that we’ve left a positive impact in our community in arts & culture and family well-being cause areas. Through community outreach, Make San Antonio works to provide Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math resources for children and adults alike. Our DIY Fiesta medal workshops are a perfect example of how we’re moving the needle to create a community well versed in arts & culture as well as exposing the San Antonio community to a “do it yourself” approach.

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