Gaby Garcia

Gaby was born and raised in San Antonio where she developed a love for her community and non-profit work. Gaby has not yet attended college, as she will be completing her senior year of high school at the Young Women’s Leadership Academy (Woo! Class of 2019!). Throughout her years of schooling, Gaby has been involved with over a dozen extracurricular activities ranging from equestrian club to robotics club. Following graduation, she aspires to attend a university close to home where she can become an engineer with little to no debt. In addition, she plans to pursue a career where she can combine a variety of her interests and contribute to a better world. Whenever she is not busy with schoolwork, Gaby loves to occupy her time with simple ukulele and doodle sessions.

My Internship with SA2020

Based off of movies and TV shows, I thought that I would be expected to fetch coffee and run tedious errands as an intern. In fact, I was reluctant to apply initially, but a powerful voice in the back of

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My Experience at KLRN’s Compassion Conference

Growing up, my parents ensured that my heart was full of love and that my actions reflected it; so, after learning that KLRN, SA2020, San Antonio Area Foundation, and Santikos Entertainment were hosting a “Turning Conversation into Compassion” event, I

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Getting Involved in the Decision Making

A diverse population of citizens and professionals filed into the brightly lit conference room, several with a packet that contained information about the presentation. Mostly everyone wore fancy business attire, causing me to gawk at their success and frown at

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My First Day on the Job

Hello there, my name is Gabriela Garcia but I go by Gaby. This is my first experience as an intern, and, judging by the events of the first day, it is going to be the most memorable. Born and raised

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