SA2020’s operations ended on March 28, 2024.
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My First Day on the Job

Hello there, my name is Gabriela Garcia but I go by Gaby. This is my first experience as an intern, and, judging by the events of the first day, it is going to be the most memorable. Born and raised in San Antonio, I grew to greatly appreciate my city; I have fallen in love with the people and culture—I intend to contribute to its development in the coming years. I am ecstatic to be working with SA2020 this summer and look forward to the opportunities it holds for my future and for the future of San Antonio.

Throughout my years at Young Women’s Leadership Academy, I have been involved with several extracurriculars and honor societies; in addition to learning how to manage my time and work diligently, my participation in these clubs opened my eyes to the fact that I find genuine happiness in helping others. I would dedicate my time to volunteering at the local nonprofits around my neighborhood, envisioning how my time and effort could benefit others. As my junior year of high school wrapped up, I understood that I had to do something over the summer that would promote my personal and community’s growth. Knowing that SA2020 was a nonprofit organization focused on the advancement of San Antonio, I decided to apply for their summer internship—and that’s how I ended up here!

My first day on the job was an experience unlike any other. I took a good five minutes beforehand to hype myself up in preparation for my first legitimate day as an intern. Upon walking in, everyone welcomed me with warm smiles and friendly handshakes. I felt like I belonged there, and once Ariane introduced me to my desk, my sense of home grew substantially. After I plopped down and underwent two failed login attempts, I was informed that I would be accompanying the CEO, Molly, to a meeting at the City Hall. Naturally, I was shocked, yet the enthusiasm about participating in an official city meeting for the first time got me fired up for the mission. That was the first of several spontaneous meeting-missions, all of which taught me something new.

After I complete my internship with SA2020, I will be preparing for my senior year of high school. The skills and connections that I gain from this summer experience will contribute greatly to my success and performance throughout the upcoming year. My plan is to complete my last year with high grades and enroll in a university either here in Texas or up in New England. Upon earning a degree in either engineering, film studies, or social services (or anything else that caters to my passion), I aspire to return to San Antonio and give back to my community by volunteering my skills and free time to nonprofit organizations.

My first week alone was jam-packed with new experiences, interesting meetings, and unique ideas. I know that the rest of my time spent with SA2020 will be even better.