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My Internship with SA2020

Based off of movies and TV shows, I thought that I would be expected to fetch coffee and run tedious errands as an intern. In fact, I was reluctant to apply initially, but a powerful voice in the back of my head commanded me to do it. Fast forward a few steps, and that’s how I ended up here, writing my final blog to reflect on my extremely eventful Summer as an intern for SA2020.

As this chapter in my life comes to an end, I want to make sure that I take the time to mention how incredibly thankful I am for having been selected to have this opportunity. I feel that often times, employers seek young adults who have a multitude of accomplishments under their belt; so, having this internship as a young 17-year-old leaves me with a humble sense of accomplishment.

My time spent with SA2020 was one of the most influential Summer experiences I’ve had and it has led me to grow personally and professionally. From writing business emails to organizing spreadsheets, every assignment gave me the practice necessary to develop and strengthen my skills in a variety of aspects.

For example, by attending a diverse mix of meetings, my mind was challenged and my awareness was emphasized. When handling several pieces of sensitive information, I paid more attention to detail and organization. With the inputting and calculating of data, my skills excelled in Microsoft Excel.

This internship was especially helpful in introducing me to common technology and responsibilities in the workplace. I created my first Google Forms Document, attended my first council meeting, owned my first work desk in an office, and replaced the five-gallon jug in a water dispenser for the first time in my life.

Of course, whenever one works hard, she must also play hard.

There were several instances where the office was alive with laughter and entertaining conversations. One of my favorites was when Kiran and Molly were trying to figure out the name of a specific flow chart. Kiran asked me if I knew what it was called, and while I pondered, Molly’s face lit up as she proudly claimed that it was a “decision tree.” Kiran thanked me warmly, which resulted in Molly raising her voice in a joking manner; Molly exclaimed that she had been the rightful one to earn praise. We all found it humorous that Kiran automatically associated me with the right answer.

Another fun occasion was my belated birthday lunch. I turned 17 on July 31st, but couldn’t go to work that day because of a mandatory academic camp sponsored by my school. Nonetheless, my team and I had a brunch the following Monday to celebrate. It was unforgettable! In addition to the free meal, I received some awesome gifts, including a pair of girl-power socks, a Carrie Fisher candle, and an invitation from the dark side via a Star Wars-themed card. Everyone exchanged smiles and laughter as we conversed about the classic childhood game of fetching a greased watermelon and how we would implement that tradition for future birthdays.

With this being my last Summer as a high school student, I tried to do the most possible: a week after school ended, I took a 9am speech class at San Antonio College to get extra credits, consistently volunteered at church and Vacation Bible School, and set time aside for school projects. Despite my extremely busy schedule, SA2020 worked with me so that I could still have this wonderful experience. While school and extracurricular responsibilities are important, I favored my internship because it was a commitment that challenged me without adding unnecessary stress.

From the moment I first walked into this office, I found a deep appreciation for my team and now, as I prepare to embark on new adventures elsewhere, I hold these lessons and memories close to my heart. It has been my pleasure to serve as an intern and to work alongside everyone. I look forward to what the future holds in store for me, SA2020, and my lovely city, San Antonio.

P.S. Being the Rebel scum I am, I included a cameo Star Wars quote or two in each blog. Until next time, may the Force be with you!