Best Drive EVer: Driving Electric in San Antonio

As San Antonio recovers from short-term panic over a gas storage in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, one long-term problem has become clear – we’re addicted to gasoline. While most of the community and councilmembers agree that San Antonio needs

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Walkability: What is it good for?

By Hannah Monroe, SA2020 Neighborhoods Liaison at SAHA  Post 2 | Series Archive     As I’ve been working downtown at the San Antonio Housing Authority and interning at First Presbyterian Church, I’ve gotten to take the opportunity to walk to lunch,

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Transportation: Sharing is Caring

By Julia Murphy Funny how connected things are, right? And I don’t just mean 14.1 miles of our downtown through shared transportation options… (but check out how awesome that map is down there!) The SA2020 vision is a mash-up of

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