Ramiro Ramirez

Using My Passion to Show Love to San Antonio

I have been involved with the education of young children, ages 3 to 5, for close to 16 years now. Once a classroom teacher, I now serve as a volunteer for a passion that is embedded in my heart: working with young children. Just this school year, I am now helping with babies as young as 3 months to two year old toddlers.

An unfortunate accident may have created an obstacle for me in 2001, but I tell children not to give up, so I took my own belief. Being left paraplegic, I went through three years of therapy, and during that time I returned to working with young children but instead of a teacher, as a volunteer. I started volunteering for Family Service Association in 2009 at The Oaks Head Start located by Jones-Maltsberger and Thousand Oaks. 4 years later I volunteered at Fernandez Elementary Head Start and Brauchle Head Start. Last school year I volunteered at Boone Elementary Head Start. Now I am currently at Lackland Village Early Head Start/ Head Start located by 410 and Marbach.

I have seen past children who are now productive citizens, such as college students, military personnel, and some even have families of their own. Although I am not directly teaching the young children I serve, I hope that my part of the process will make them become better learners, better people as they grow, and most importantly, make a positive impact in their lives.

Ramiro Ramirez

People are amazed that I do not get paid for the help that I do, but to me, I get more out of keeping my mind fresh, interacting with others, and making friends with the children. This school year, I have had the honor of meeting a young child who is in a wheelchair. I hope that showing him that he can do anything will make a positive difference in his life. I may bring a smile to his face, but he brings joy to my heart. I am blessed to be able to volunteer for an organization that helps so many people, regardless of class, race, gender, or life choices.

I love this city, and hope that children I serve today will become the future leaders of it in the future. And, I can’t forget: GO SPURS GO!

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