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SA2020 | Travis Park in San Antonio, Texas (#18 for #SA2020Resolutions) | SA2020

Travis Park in San Antonio, Texas (#18 for #SA2020Resolutions)

colleenpence-sidebarBy Colleen Pence, SA2020 Resolutions Outdoorsy Leader (follow her here!)

Check out all of the San Antonio parks we’ve visited this year as part of our #SA2020Resolutions.



Sometimes park visits are completely spontaneous, as with park #18 we visited recently: Travis Park. We were downtown running some holiday errands when I remembered this park promised San Antonio a snow day. The park’s free Let It Snow event boasted real snow, a snow slide, lots of free activities for families, food trucks, and a made-by-hand artisan’s market. Although parking wasn’t free, we spent just $4 at a nearby garage to leave our car to explore Travis Park.


I’d hoped to snag some cool shots of the snow but the park was crowded and long lines of people waiting to play in the snow prevented me from getting any photos of it. Still, we had fun navigating the throngs of happy holiday revelers for a short while and I snapped a few shots to give you an idea of what Travis Park offers.

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