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The 14 Best SA2020 Moments of 2014

At the end of the year, we like to do a little countdown to celebrate all the amazing things that have happened over the past year. It’s been an eventful year full of awesomeness, and this list doesn’t even begin to cover how much fun we’ve. Thanks to all of you out there in San Antonio, this year has been one of the best.

#14 SA2020 Resolutions


This January, we had a total of 360 resolutions made by 176 volunteers who pledged to take action to make themselves and their communities better.

These resolutions inspired 35 blogs, 25 written by Resolutions Leaders, and reached over 10,000 people and counting! Way to rock the resolutions, y’all!

#13 New Team Members!


This year, we expanded our organization by bringing on two new team members! We now have two more amazing people doing amazing work for our community! Cheers to Maria and Gunther! #StrongerTogether#SA2020Team #SA2020

#12 EnrollSA, Get Bexar Covered


This past enrollment period (November-March 2014), a total of 76,414 people in Bexar County enrolled during the open enrollment period. 19,914 of these people enrolled during #EnrollSA partner events, and the percent of uninsured persons lowered from 22% in 2013 to 15% in 2014. Fifteen partners were part of this coalition, and worked collaboratively toward the #SA2020 vision of increasing access to healthcare in our community. We are truly #StrongerTogether!

#11 Destination College!


#DestinationCollege is a week of free events to celebrate San Antonio as a college town and a college-going town. A total of 2,931 students, parents, and chaperones participated in these events or services, with 14 partners working together to organize. Also, did we mention that First Lady Michelle Obama (#FLOTUS) served as a guest speaker for College Signing Day? #StrongerTogether #ReachHigher#Education

#10 Mayor to HUD Secretary


Secretary Julián Castro (formerly San Antonio Mayor) was the champion behind the original #SA2020 visioning process, and we were proud to see him selected to serve as our nation’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. #SanAntonio sure knows how to grow some pretty incredible leaders!

#9 Baby Rios!


This year we welcomed a new member into the #SA2020Family! Hooray for Crixus John “CJ” Rios!

#8 SA2020 Progress Report & Data Dashboard


At SA2020, we like to say that data is just the beginning. Data helps us understand where we are seeing the needle move in areas – such as health – that the community prioritized for progress by the year 2020. It also helps us understand where we need to apply more energy to achieve our goals. The annual Progress Report provides a snapshot of where our community stands on our 2020 measures of success! This year, along with our annual Progress Report, we launched our very own Data Dashboard that tracks data in real time as we receive it!

Check out the Progress Report & Data Dashboard below:

#7 City Dividend Report


A City Dividend™ is the economic benefit resulting from investing resources to successfully achieve a measurable, actionable goal toward a city’s and metro region’s economic progress. CEOs For Cities helped us answer the “what if”s, establishing the #SA2020 San Antonio City Dividends™; the 1st in nation!

Check out our City Dividends™ here:

#6 VoteSA


The goal of VoteSA is to increase voter turnout and community involvement with local and national campaigns and elections. This year, the University of the Incarnate Word‘s Social Design class created the brand look and feel of the campaign to be launched in 2015! ‪#‎StrongerTogether‬


Top14_10 is aimed at providing opportunities for individuals to get involved and make a difference. In 2014, a total of 1,181 new online profiles were created, with a 71% increase in average monthly page views!‪#‎SA2020Progress‬

#4 Certified Awesome events and activities


#‎SA2020‬ approves requests for endorsed events that impact certain SA2020 Cause Areas or Indicators. This year, 11 local events and opportunities were endorsed by SA2020, inspiring 5 ‪#‎IAMSA2020‬ blog posts, with their events collectively impacting over 15,000 people in the area! ‪#‎CertifiedAwesome‬ ‪#‎StrongerTogether‬

#3 I Am SA2020 Blog


The #IAMSA2020 Blog serves as an outlet for individuals and partners in our community to tell their stories based on how they relate to and impact the ‪#‎SA2020‬ goals. This year a total of 77 blogs were published by 31 people! ‪#‎StrongerTogether‬

#2 SA2020 in the Community!


At ‪#‎SA2020‬, we strongly believe in promoting social connectedness, and participating in the array of amazing events organized here in ‪#‎SanAntonio‬. This year, our staffed collectively attended over 150 local events, programs, and activities outside of those directly associated with SA2020!

#1 Piece of the Puzzle


Earlier this month we launched our first online fundraising campaign! A total of 9 volunteers outside of our direct staff joined our fundraising team, 100 donors contributed, and over $7,000 was raised! SA2020 would not be what it is without people who invest their time, energy, and money toward the SA2020 vision, and for that we are truly grateful! ‪#‎StrongerTogether‬

P.s. It’s not too late to donate 🙂