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ConnectHome Fundraiser

Support Technology for Low-Income Kids and Families in San Antonio

Last summer, President Obama announced a new initiative called ConnectHome, aimed at boosting local broadband Internet networks to reach more low-income families in 28 cities—including San Antonio. Now, the San Antonio Housing Authority is excited to announce a fundraising campaign for #ConnectHome, designed to raise money for computers for students K-12. The goal of ConnectHome San Antonio is to reach nearly 6,000 low-income households – and nearly 50,000 children – over the life of the program with the support they need to access the Internet at home.

The ConnectHome initiative includes Internet access, digital literacy education, and devices. Closing the digital divide starts with affordable devices; access to low-cost computers and smartphones drives enrollment in home Internet service. Not only will residents greatly benefit from the funds raised now through March, but SAHA will also earn matching funds from GitHub for gifts given online—making your support go even further. In fact, GitHub’s matching commitment is ten times your contribution—every dollar you contribute is actually worth 10 dollars.

You can watch this short video to learn more about ConnectHome and the fundraiser. We hope San Antonio residents will consider making a donation by March 30, 2016. Help us get as many people involved as possible by spreading the word!