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SA2020 | Exercise Your Mind, Body, and Soul at SA2020’s Reclovía | SA2020
Siclovia San Antonio

Exercise Your Mind, Body, and Soul at SA2020’s Reclovía

On Sunday, April 3rd, Síclovía will host its 10th opportunity to #PlayIntheStreets, and SA2020 is so excited to join in the fun once more! We’ll be hosting a Reclovía at Roosevelt Park with awesome performances, fun activities, and group exercise. Bring your friends, kids, pets—everyone!—to Síclovía, and come hang out with us at Roosevelt!

What’s Síclovía all about?

Síclovía was inspired by Ciclovía, an event in Bogota, Colombia that closed streets to cars and invited pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy the open, safe space. In 2011, our friends at the YMCA of Greater San Antonio brought their own version to our community, and it has become a beloved, biannual event.Siclovia MapThe Spring 3.5 mile route will start at Maverick Park, go through downtown San Antonio, and end at Roosevelt Park. All the streets along the route will be closed to cars from 11 am – 3 pm, and participants can join in at any location to bike, run, walk, dance, rollerskate, play games… you get the gist.

Síclovía is a fantastic opportunity to get active in a new way. We love the YMCA’s commitment to encouraging San Antonians to get outside and stay active. Health is an important part of our vision for 2020, and events like Síclovía can help ensure that we’ll reach our goals.

What are these Reclovías?

Siclovia San Antonio

If playing in the street doesn’t sound fun enough, there will also be 7 Reclovía areas along the route! Everyone is invited to stop by these for cold water, live music, dance performances, exercise classes, or just a place to take a breather.

While we look forward to getting our heart rates up, we’re also excited to enjoy some awesome performances and spend the afternoon connecting with our neighbors. Síclovía is always a great chance to meet more of our fellow community members, experience our city in a new way, and learn more about San Antonio’s neighborhoods.

Siclovia San Antonio

SA2020’s Reclovía will feature hip hop, international dance, a capella music, walking tours, HIIT exercise, group games, and much more. From awesome art, to yoga, to human Hungry Hippos (yes, we mean it!), our Roosevelt Reclovía will truly be an opportunity to exercise your mind, body, and soul.

We hope you’ll join us on Sunday for an afternoon of activity, fun, and new connections. Whether it’s your first Síclovía or your tenth, we promise you won’t want to miss this one.