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SA2020 | Strings, Songs, and Solidarity: Moving the Needle through Music | SA2020

Strings, Songs, and Solidarity: Moving the Needle through Music

By Darian Thomas


I remember finding out about SA2020 through the Youth Orchestras of San Antonio (which I’m a member of), and thinking to myself: “This sounds exciting, I want to be involved!” But I remember also feeling a bit lost as to how I could accomplish such huge goals like making San Antonio “lead the world as a creative community.” But then I realized: I’m a composer, violinist, vocalist, and have put on concerts before… I could have a concert! This concert could include my friends from UIW, YOSA, and various high schools around town. But no professionals! There’s so much talent in the youth of San Antonio, especially those involved in classical music. I want people to see that. And the more people show up, the more I’m helping move the needle to both “raise the level of attendance at arts programs” AND “increase the number of creative activities” in our city!

I attended Mannes The New School for Music for a semester, and while I was there I was amazed at the amount of performances happening anywhere they could be held, and by anyone who knew how to do anything. And from what I’ve heard this isn’t just a trait of New York City, but of other major cities as well. So: why can’t we have that? Oh wait. We can! And I’ll get the ball rolling with my upcoming concert:


Strings, Songs, and Solidarity!

This will be a performance by my fellow musicians and myself, performing a few of my most recent compositions. This event will be held at the Carver Cultural Center, on Sunday July 14th, 2013. It is a free event, an awesome way to contribute to SA2020 goals AND support new music in San Antonio. I would love to see as many people there as possible, so that San Antonians can see that they have young musicians they can be proud of!