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Grackles wearing B-cycle Jersey

Me and a fellow cycling-enthusiast proudly wearing our B-Cycle jerseys.

By Gus Sullivan

Hello amazing SA2020 community! My name is Gus Sullivan and I work for San Antonio B-cycle. I wanted to share my story about how I ended up where I am today and how B-cycle and SA2020 are working towards making San Antonio a better city by 2020.

I graduated from Southwestern University with a degree in Business in December 2012. After graduation I wasn’t sure what my next step would be, so I came back to my hometown San Antonio to be close to family. I made myself comfortable at home and took a few months off to try and figure out what was my next move. I was in a brand new position in my life with the freedom to do whatever I choose. This lack of direction felt stifling, but at the same time empowering. I felt I was one the verge of something big, just like San Antonio.

In the midst of my hiatus, Cindi Snell, the executive director at B-cycle and personal friend, offered me a position to work with her to help with sponsorship and business development. The more I thought about my future, the more I realized this was a unique opportunity to start off my career and give back to my community at the same time.


Excited Siclovia participants, including Mary Ullmann Japhet from the Mayor’s Fitness Council, enjoying a ride on B-cycle bikes.

I seized the opportunity and began learning everything I could about San Antonio B-cycle and how bike share systems work. My position at San Antonio B-cycle is the Business Development Director. I am in charge of developing partnerships with businesses to find program sponsors and facilitate the integration of our bike share system into the community as a whole.

I was lucky enough to have the amazing opportunity to travel to Seattle a month after I started to attend a CPPW conference through the Center for Disease Control about helping non-profits be successful at implementing sustainable business practices. I hope to use this knowledge to make B-cycle the most meaningful program possible for San Antonio.

San Antonio B-cycle is a nonprofit Opportunity Partner with SA2020. We target five of the eleven key vision areas: Downtown Development, Health & Fitness, Transportation, Neighborhoods, and Environmental Sustainability, just by providing the community a sustainable transportation option that’s also exercise! A bike share system is a great resource for our community to live healthier and more active lifestyles, reduce traffic congestion and emissions, and develop our urban core.

We recently branded all of our bikes with a neat SA2020 logo to show our appreciation and support for everything the team does over at SA2020! San Antonio is so lucky to have such a committed organization to making us a better city.  I’m glad I can help do my part through my work at San Antonio B-cycle.

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