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SA2020 | Spotlighting Local (and Stylish) Businesses at Look Local Fest | SA2020

Spotlighting Local (and Stylish) Businesses at Look Local Fest

On March 18th, Style Lush TV hosted the first inaugural Look Local Fest. This event was created as a direct response to their fashion community needs for promotion and awareness in the local retail scene. We noticed that while many of our local fashion boutiques would love to buy an advertising campaign with us, sometimes effective advertising is a bit of a luxury for growing entrepreneurs. So we decided to throw an event that promotes their business, serves our local brands and hits on many of their primary needs, including promotion and foot traffic.

Look Local Fest was a city-backed shopping event that showcased fashion shows featuring local boutiques and their inventory down the runway. In turn, guests of Look Local Fest had the opportunity to buy their favorite items from the fashion shows immediately at the boutique’s pop up station.

The event took place at the St. Antony Hotel from 5pm-2am and saw as many as 500 guests and shoppers. Many vendors reported high sales and successful ROI, while many new patrons to the Downtown scene claimed that “they never knew Downtown hosted such cool events”.

Look Local Fest’s main partner is OPEN DOWNTOWN Pop Up Shops and also includes the support from multiple city departments such as Centro San Antonio, The Arts & Culture Department, Center City Development & Operations Department, our District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino and SA2020. We were very excited to develop an event that not only serves the San Antonio Fashion Community but also supports areas of impact that the SA2020 mission is striving to achieve, including Downtown DevelopmentEconomic Competitiveness as well as Arts & Culture innovation.

The event has been deemed “The City’s Chicest Incentive To Shop Local” and is set to happen yet again next year with already many plans to improve and strengthen the event for the vendors.