SA2020 Updates

A screenshot of a Zoom meeting with the SA2020 Board of Directors

Welcoming 3 New Members to Our Board of Directors

We’re thrilled to be welcoming three more San Antonians to the SA2020 Board of Directors. In addition to serving the community through their professional work—including in K-12 education, transit, and higher education—our newest Board members also contribute their experience and

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Photo of 2020 Impact Lunch

Reflecting on a 2020 We Couldn’t Have Predicted

Crafting an end of year message, in general, is not my favorite. There is an expectation—maybe self-imposed—that it will inspire or deliver hope in a beautifully crafted paragraph or two. Then, the end of the year 2020 arrived… For the small

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A Thank You to Our Long-Term Leader

Sonia Rodriguez began her work with SA2020 in 2010 when she was tapped as one of the tri-chairs of what began as a community engagement process to create a ten-year vision for the future of San Antonio. In 2012, she

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Global Learning for the City That Raised Me

As a South Asian woman raised in a tight-knit immigrant community in south Texas, the intersections of my identity and lived experiences cannot be separated from place.  I was a junior in High School when 9/11 happened. We watched the

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It’s 2020. What Now?

More than nine years ago, thousands of San Antonians gathered to map out a Community Vision for the future. Together we prioritized what we wanted to see maintained or improved, and then we set real, measurable goals—for the year 2020.

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Meet Carina, Our Community Impact Analyst!

The SA2020 Team is now seven! We’re so glad to have Carina Hiscock join us as our Community Impact Analyst. In her new role, she will help us track, analyze, and strengthen progress toward San Antonio’s shared Community Vision. Get

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The Board Game: Filling Gaps

The SA2020 Nonprofit Partner Impact Report, released in January 2019, paints a high-level picture of 126 nonprofit organizations (out of the nearly 5,000 in Bexar County) that are actively aligning to San Antonio’s Community Vision. The work they do every

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