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On Earth Day, Show Some Love to Our Environment

Happy Earth Day, San Antonio! We’re lucky to live in a city filled with and surrounded by so much much natural beauty—and to have so many people and organizations protecting it. Today especially, we hope you’ll consider how your actions might affect our entire community. Are you driving when you could be walking or cycling (and enjoying our beautiful Spring weather)? Relying on too many single-use coffee cups after late Spurs games? Creating a little too much trash at Fiesta celebrations?

Ensuring that our environment stays beautiful and healthy for generations to come requires all of us to create change, little by little. And if you’d like to do something a bit bigger to show our environment some love, you can get involved with SA2020 Nonprofit Partners who are dedicated to sustainability. Get to know some of them below, and then find out how you can get involved in their efforts:

Build San Antonio Green: protects and enhances the quality of life of the citizens of the metropolitan San Antonio area by developing standards by which to certify newly constructed and existing structures to green standards, and to provide leadership, expertise, and education for the wise, efficient and sustainable use of energy and resources

Earn-A-Bike Co-op: creates equitable access to cycling by providing affordable bicycle maintenance, services, and education

Gardopia Gardens: grows healthy communities through garden based learning

Green Spaces Alliance: sustains the natural environment and enhances urban spaces through land conservation, community engagement, and education

SWell Cycle: provides the community with a healthy, cost effective, and environmentally safe alternative mode of transportation

San Antonio Botanical Garden: inspires people to connect with the plant world and understand the importance of plants in our lives

San Antonio River Foundation: promotes educational, cultural and scientific projects and activities that enhance the conservation, stewardship, restoration, preservation and enjoyment of the land and water resources of the San Antonio River Basin and its tributaries

San Antonio Zoo: fosters appreciation and concern for all living things