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New Westside Murals Demonstrate Community Collaboration

headshotBy Hannah Monroe, SA2020 Neighborhoods Liaison at SAHA 

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On Tuesday, August 19 the San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA) and San Anto Cultural Arts unveiled new murals on the westside. These murals were created with the creative guidance of Lead Artist Kaylee Diaz and San Anto artists. Youth from SAHA properties Alazan-Apache Courts, Cassiano Homes and Lincoln Heights Courts helped to complete the five murals. The new public art is located along Guadalupe Street, between Richter and Colorado Streets.


The Mural

The mural is called ‘Bienvenidos al Westside’ (Welcome to the Westside) and depicts the rich culture and pride of San Antonio’s Latino communities. The first two panels spell out ‘Bienvenidos al Westside,’ with images that represent everyday life and Westside icons painted inside each of the letters. Other panels have scenes such as abuelita’s (grandma’s) kitchen, hopscotch, a bakery, and a malt house drive-in. The remaining panels honor education, with the high school mascots of the Edgewood and SAISD schools. There are also images of sports, religion, mariachis, and other everyday scenes.

San Anto has served more than 200 youth in the mural-painting projects, in order to build stronger partnerships within the school systems, community and local government – creating a systemic change for the community. Many of the murals have become iconic symbols of the neighborhoods they represent. The opportunity to contribute to the murals has provided SAHA youth with a chance to volunteer and build public art within San Antonio.

SA2020 Connection

This mural project demonstrates a link between art and volunteerism that is present in the formation of these murals. San Anto and SAHA created an opportunity for youth to contribute to public art through volunteering and built neighborhood connections within these SAHA properties.


What You Can Do

If you are interested in public art in San Antonio, go visit this new mural on Guadalupe Street (between Richter and Colorado Streets) on the westside. You can also seek out other San Anto events and support art organizations in the city. Check out the SA2020 arts and culture volunteer events listed on the website.

If you are more interested in other aspects of SA2020, then look through the volunteer opportunities in the areas about which you are passionate and take action! Build connections with those you volunteer alongside and those you serve. Together we move the needle on these SA2020 indicators!

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