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SA2020 | Landa Library Park in San Antonio, Texas (#7 for #SA2020Resolutions) | SA2020

Landa Library Park in San Antonio, Texas (#7 for #SA2020Resolutions)

colleenpence-sidebarBy Colleen Pence, SA2020 Resolutions Outdoorsy Leader (follow her here!)


Having to pick your favorite park in San Antonio would be like having to pick your favorite child – it can’t be done. Each child (park?) has special qualities that come together to make him/her (it?) a unique and treasured individual (or park). But, if I HAD to pick a favorite park in San Antonio – not that I would, of course, but, you know, if you were holding me down and tickling me and I absolutely had to get you to stop and you said, “OK! I’ll stop but ONLY if you tell me what your FAVORITE San Antonio park is!” –  I’d squeak out, “Landa Library Park!” But only under duress, you understand. And then I’d feel like I just betrayed all of the other great San Antonio parks. Because I’m co-dependent like that.

Landa Library Park in Monte Vista in San Antonio, Texas

Confession time: before I had kids, I didn’t visit parks. Well, that’s not strictly true. I did visit them as a teenager but my friends and I were less interested in the park itself and more interested in finding free places to hang out, away from our parents, where we could write poetry, wear black, listen to Depeche Mode from our car stereos, and lament our cruel lives. Ah, youth! But, I digress.

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