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SA2020 | Intensity Intensifies for Spurs and Students | SA2020
SA2020 loves the Spurs!
SA2020 staff showin' off their Spurs love!

Intensity Intensifies for Spurs and Students

Kate_first dayBy Kate Sanchez, SA2020 Intern

As our city celebrates the AMAZING season finale for our Spurs, I can’t help but notice some parallels between their efforts this season, and another long, trying process that I’m seeing many friends go through: applying and getting ready for college. Since one of the SA2020 goals is to increase the college enrollment rate in San Antonio, I wanted to see if I could inspire the same crazy energy in my college-going peers by comparing the Spurs Championship run to their run for higher education.

The college application process is equivalent to the overall game plan that the team (you) runs on—it’s the most important time and requires a lot of planning. Filling out the applications and essays can be… boring. However, this is your one shot to show colleges what makes you different from everyone else. Show them how unique you are! Defeat the opposing team – your own fears, procrastination, etc. – and get the applications done well and sent off to your colleges of choice right away.

SA2020 loves the Spurs!

SA2020 staff showin’ off their Spurs love!

Locating last-minute scholarships is like the last few minutes of an intense game—a lot of panicky and “oh my gosh, I’m stressed out,” moments! The number one key is to breathe, there is still time! Go to your college of choice online and see what scholarships they have to offer, academic and not. There is competition with every scholarship offer, but someone has to win. Why can’t it be you?

Once you’re accepted to college, have your scholarships set up, and are ready to leave, there’s something else that must be done: setting up where you’re going to live. Dorm shopping is like free throws—tedious, but each item is necessary. Being able to get all the necessities for your future college dorm or apartment is important, however time consuming. Make a game plan of all the things you would need, (tooth brush, bedding, shower kits, etc.), plan your budget, take a friend or relative, and make sure you get the things you need.

Last but not least, leaving for college is the equivalent to being on the verge of winning the final game—thrilling, bittersweet, exciting, and nerve-racking all wrapped up in one! It is what you worked hard all those high school years for! The “college experience” is different for everyone, but will help you take amazing strides toward achieving your dreams and potential as a person. The adventures, the friends, the opportunities, are endless! So get through the series, no matter how tough, and taste that victory. Enjoy life in college, and beyond! Just like the Spurs, you can be the Champion of your own future.