SA2020 produces broadly accessible, responsive, and actionable research so that individual community members and entire organizations are aware of San Antonio’s progress and challenges, as well as how they can lead change. SA2020’s research includes an analysis of Community Indicators disaggregated by race and City Council District wherever possible.

SA2020 San Antonio City Dividends – CEOs for Cities

CEOs for Cities, a national city-learning network, asks how investments of resources in strategies can reap economic benefits for a city. They do so by calculating City Dividends™, the economic impact of investing in action toward a community goal. In

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2013 Revised Indicator Report

After releasing the first Progress Report in 2013, SA2020 convened over 200 nonprofit and civic leaders, along with content experts, to refine and revise our community indicators. SA2020 wanted to ensure that each indicator would be a meaningful gauge of

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2013 Progress Report

SA2020’s first Progress Report shows the data on the goals San Antonio set as a community. Using the original community indicators, this report is SA2020’s first update on our shared progress. 

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San Antonio Brain Gain: Bubbles and Barriers

In recent years, San Antonio has experienced “brain gain” — more college educated talent relocating or returning to San Antonio. In this report prepared for SA2020 and the 80/20 Foundation, economic geographers show how San Antonio can continue to attract

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Original Vision Report

The Original Vision Report sums up the consensus that arose from the SA2020 visioning process in 2010. Together, over 6,000 neighbors prioritized focus on 11 Cause Areas to transform San Antonio. The Vision Report explains more about the vision for

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