SA2020’s operations ended on March 28, 2024.
Our data, reports, and stories will remain online through September 2024. Read more about our decision to dissolve on our blog.
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Advancing Racial Equity Training

Reaching San Antonio’s shared Community Vision requires designing policies, programs, and budgets that advance racial equity. SA2020 offers training for organizations and teams as a fee for service, which gives us a chance to tailor it to your mission and needs, and workshop specific policies or programs. 

In our foundational training on Advancing Racial Equity, participants learn how to:

  1. Develop shared understanding on the significance of advancing racial equity to the organization’s mission and core values
  2. Establish shared language for equity, racial equity, and related concepts
  3. Learn how to identify and reduce institutional barriers to advancing racial equity
  4. Meaningfully operationalizing racial equity
  5. Learn to lead intentional communications that advance racial equity

Participants receive a digital, printable training guidebook 24 hours before the first session that complements the training curricula and includes resources for continued learning.

Since 2017, SA2020 has led tailored racial equity training for the City of San Antonio, Communities in Schools San Antonio, Every Texan, the SAISD Foundation, Texas A&M University-San Antonio, and USAA. 

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Is my organization ready for advancing racial equity training?

What are people saying?

118 people trained

March 2020-2021

52 nonprofit organizations

Number one area
identified for growth:

Intentional communication to advance racial equity

100% of the participants that completed an evaluation…

Frequently Asked Questions

Achieving San Antonio’s Community Vision requires ending institutional racism. While drawing from national best practices and research, SA2020 is uniquely positioned to facilitate training that is rooted in San Antonio’s history and offers examples of local, multi-sector efforts to advance racial equity.

In recognizing that racial disparities are deep and pervasive, SA2020 utilizes a “leading with race” approach. This approach asks that we be explicit about race, but not exclusive to race. This targeted approach offers the focus and specificity necessary for achieving organizational outcomes, while creating processes to address inequities in all forms.

No. SA2020’s training is focused on the change required across institutions to end the inequities baked into policies, budgets, and programs. The training does not address diversity or inclusion, nor does it center on changing individual behaviors or the interpersonal.

SA2020 believes that everyone is capable of affecting change and also understands that organizations are hierarchical. We have found that longstanding change is more likely to occur when people across the hierarchy of an organization deepen their knowledge, learning, and commitment to racial equity at the same time.

SA2020’s approach to advancing equity draws from a wide range of research and practice. We are inspired and informed, in part, by the Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP)’s Toolkit for Centering Racial Equity, Data for Black Lives, the FrameWorks Institute’s Communications Toolkit, the Human Services Value Curve, The Othering and Belonging Institute’s work on targeted universalism, and Race Forward’s Racial Equity Impact Assessment and Ready for Equity in Workforce Development. Because SA2020 also monitors more than 50 community indicators and works in partnership with more than 140 multi-sector organizations, SA2020 also utilizes local data and efforts to localize the training and offer real-time examples.

For tailored training, the cost varies based on your organization’s budget and the number of people who will participate. SA2020 Partners receive discounts on this. Email for a proposal for your organization.

No. Research shows that learning outcomes are better when training content is as specific as possible to an organization and the participants. We, therefore, facilitate each training by inviting participants from the same organization or sector to bring their knowledge and experience into the learning space and learn from one another.

We track participation in all of our programming to ensure our work reflects San Antonio’s population. SA2020 additionally respects lived experience as expertise. Collecting demographics helps us facilitate training sessions so that the breadth of participant knowledge and expertise is recognized. This information is not used to identify single people and no single person’s information is ever shared.

Currently, all training sessions are virtual, hosted on Zoom. Participation requires access to a reliable Internet connection and works best with a computer or a tablet device. We also offer a guidebook that can be printed or viewed online.

Let us know what you need! We provide continued support to organizations through fees for service. The Team is collectively skilled in facilitation, asset-based communications, program measurement and evaluation, community engagement, data analysis and visualization, strategic planning, and operationalizing racial equity.

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