SA2020 Presents
The Collective
January 29, 2021

What is
The Collective?

The Collective is a daylong series of online and safe, in-person workshops, artist talks, and hands on-activities led by San Antonians—all designed to inspire community-driven action.

In 2010, nearly 6,000 San Antonians came together to create a shared vision for the future of the city. The community prioritized eleven community results and 62 community indicators through the year 2020. The progress San Antonio has made over the last near-decade is a result of multi-sector, collaborative, targeted interventions and millions of dollars in public and private investment. This is the power of a shared Community Vision—not just in what it says, but for what it pushes us to accomplish together. 

On Friday, January 29, 2021, SA2020 will celebrate 10 years of collective work with a day-long celebration and community-driven learning that will include:

  1. The release of the 2020 Community Impact Report, a commemorative report on the last decade of San Antonio’s progress and challenges 
  2. Unveiling the reaffirmed and strengthened Community Vision through the year 2030 alongside a refreshed online dashboard to track progress for San Antonio’s next 10 years
  3. Unveiling the new SA2020 brand that takes the organization well-beyond 2020
  4. The Collective, a series of online and safe in-person workshops, artist talks, and hands-on activities led by San Antonians designed to inspire community-driven action