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SA2020 | Walker Ranch Park in San Antonio, Texas (#3 for #SA2020Resolutions) | SA2020

Walker Ranch Park in San Antonio, Texas (#3 for #SA2020Resolutions)

colleenpence-sidebarBy Colleen Pence, SA2020 Resolutions Outdoorsy Leader (follow her here!)


Sometimes, visiting a park more than once is the only way to discover everything it has to offer. This is the case with Walker Ranch Park, located off of West Avenue (and underneath the flight path of San Antonio International Airport). At first glance it appears to be a small park, primarily frequented by parents and young children who enjoy the playground and pavilion. But a closer look reveals this park’s rich history, its winding greenway trails, and a fascinating and crevice-filled creek bed to explore.


Delaney, Waylon, and I visited this park a few times over the years but we’d always stuck to the playground and to walking across the bridge that stretches over the Salado Creek watershed and leads to some soccer fields.

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