The Voting App Launches to Increase Voter Turnout in San Antonio


Voter turnout across the country is at an all-time low, and turnout in San Antonio is among the lowest.

The Voting App wants to fix that.

ThinkVoting, a company out of Austin, has created a mobile app that puts all of the necessary information for voters to get informed in one convenient place – it’s called The Voting App. Users can learn about who is on their ballot, and directly compare candidates based on a variety of criteria, including their responses to questions in the League of Women Voters Voter Guide, which has been digitized for the first time in San Antonio for the launch of this app, and the SA2020 Municipal Candidate Survey.

Here at SA2020, we’re pretty pumped about anything that makes voting more interactive, exciting, accessible and personally relevant, ultimately motivating people to get to the polls. Also, innovating tech and entrepreneurship. Also, collaboration and people working together to make our city more awesome.

You can see why we’re pumped about The Voting App.


ThinkVoting has chosen San Antonio for a major roll-out because of our unique challenge – an extremely low voter turnout rate, a population that’s representative of the demographics that will soon reflect our entire country, and a major upcoming election that is extremely decisive and important for our community.

They also chose San Antonio because we have a reputation for working together. As a City on the Rise, it’s clear that there are many, many grassroots and civic organizations working to improve voter turnout and civic engagement in San Antonio that would help access and use of this helpful, free technology.

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They also saw that San Antonio clearly cares about making progress – SA2020 represents our community’s dream for our future, a dream that includes a 14.7% voter turnout rate by the year 2020, and a representative local government that’s connected and accountable to its constituents. Currently, we’re sitting at 7.6% voter turnout in municipal elections, which is an improvement in recent years, but we still have a big leap to take to reach our goal.


Molly Cox, SA2020 Interim President and CEO, emphasizing the importance of innovation and collaborative work to help us reach our SA2020 goals for Civic Engagement.

SA2020 is partnering with ThinkVoting to encourage San Antonio residents to get connected: learn about your candidates, learn their stances on important issues and choose whether you agree or disagree – and The Voting App will quantify your responses and create a sample ballot pre-filled with the candidates that you are most compatible with.

According to ThinkVoting’s research, 90% of American adults have a cell phone, and those with lower incomes are far more likely to use their phone as their primary Internet device (45% of those with an annual income of less than $30,000).

The Voting App launched in San Antonio on April 9th, 2015 and is officially now available for download. (Make sure to select the San Antonio version!)

Here’s SA2020’s call to action for you: go download it, and share it! Help get out the vote!

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