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SA2020 | School Connection Fair coming to San Antonio November 14th | SA2020

School Connection Fair coming to San Antonio November 14th

Are you a parent, looking for quality school options for your students? Don’t miss the School Connection Fair, happening Saturday, November 14 at KIPP: San Antonio from 10:00am-1:00pm. This fun, free and public event connects parents with all their school options.

Over 30 campuses and all grade levels will be represented. Find all your options: traditional public, public charter, and private schools. Meet representatives from KIPP San Antonio, Harmony Public Schools, Great Hearts, San Antonio ISD, the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, and more!

This is San Antonio’s second School Connection Fair, held by the non-profit organization Families Empowered.

If it feels like the school year has just started, keep this in mind: applications are already opening for San Antonio’s schools of choice. Now is the time to apply for the 2016/2017 school year. Don’t wait, and risk losing your child’s spot in a high-quality school.

families-empowered-balloonParents looking for school options have an ally in San Antonio: Families Empowered, a non-profit dedicated to helping parents find quality schools for their children. The organization was founded in Houston, and has expanded to serve San Antonio parents looking for school options.

“With the expansion of quality schools of choice in San Antonio, parents being presented with more and more options. The School Connection Fair helps streamline the process,” said Families Empowered’s Founder and Executive Director, Colleen Dippel. “Families Empowered is giving parents a one-stop-shop to discover new school options.”

How do parents select the best school for their children? The key, Dippel said, is for parents to investigate all options and ask schools pertinent questions in order to identify the best school for their student. Her message: parents are best equipped to choose a school for their students.


Students enjoy a Families Empowered event.

Education is a key component of the SA2020 vision. In fact, our community said “By 2020, San Antonio has orchestrated one of the greatest turnarounds in education in the United States.”

And how to we define success? Looking at the SA2020 Vision for Education, we know we’ve succeeded when: “San Antonio provides access to quality education for all students no matter where they live in our city. The city is propelled forward by an approach where students learn, teachers thrive, parents engage, and citizens contribute to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century in a way that rivals any city in America. This San Antonio approach to education develops citizens who are thinkers, problem-solvers, and lifelong learners, prepared to tackle our society’s greatest challenges and proud to call San Antonio their home.”

“Your child’s education is a very personal decision. If every child is unique – and I believe they are – a one-size-fits-all schooling model just isn’t going to cut it,” explains Dippel. “San Antonio is a vibrant city which offers lots of quality schools.”

“We are excited to invite parents out for a good time on a Saturday, to get some help finding the best-fit schools for their children,” Dippel added.

Students and parents learn about school options.

Students and parents learn about school options at a Families Empowered event.