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SAtown: So Fresh Right Now

By Moira Allen, SA2020 Trinity Mellon Fellow in Arts & Culture

Hello there my fellow San Antonians,

I’m pretty darn passionate about San Antonio and where it’s going, because it’s been my home since I was a wee(er) one. I have gone from first-grader to college graduate here, loved the skyline before and after the Hyatt, have frequented Taco Cabana before I could actually drive through the drive-thru, and have chanted “Go Spurs Go” in my sleep for all four Spurs championship wins. And I’ve been lucky enough to see San Antonio grow along with me (like a Chia-pet… but a city). So, each of the SA2020 Cause areas has a place in my heart, but it’s Arts & Culture that really gets my blood pumping (though technically, I guess that might actually be Health & Fitness).


Artist in the process on Houston St., Katie Pell (Artpace Chalk It Up Showcase Artist 2012)

Though I may be a little biased (check that bio down yonder), I am passionate about San Antonio’s art and culture because it’s the way we express ourselves. San Antonio is “unique and vibrant,” yes. But we’re so much more than that! From feathered dinosaurs to fish tacos, public art sculptures, all the jazz, Shakespeare, flamenco dancing, and tapas in between; concise is nice but that’s just not who we are. We’re all over the place, and I’m not just talking urban sprawl y’all. I want everyone to have the opportunity to speak, paint, compose, rap, design, cook, sculpt, write, whatever! I’m passionate about Arts & Culture’s growth and success because San Antonio’s art and culture is who I am and who we are; no matter the medium.

That’s why I dig SA2020, because it’s a combination of all of our talents. One of the other cool things about making Arts & Culture a community priority is that creativity really lends itself to success in other areas. It encourages approaching issues with an open mind so that solutions can be reached, meaning that when we’re working to better our city’s mode of expression we’re also working towards bettering our city as a whole.

So why can’t we be one of the world’s leading creative communities? Some city has to.

We’re called Saytown for a reason. We have a lot to say. So pick up a crayon, an oboe, a whisk, anything. As Charles Wright says, express yourself!  Lucky for you, I was given a character limit.