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Love Your City

SA2020’s Favorite Ways to #LoveYourCity

February has us thinking a lot about love here at SA2020, and while we’re excited for the chocolate and cards, we also want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a different way­—by showing love to San Antonio! This February, we’re committed to loving San Antonio through our individual passions, and we hope you’ll join us. Read on for a few of our favorite ways to send a valentine to San Antonio.

Give back

Giving a gift to San Antonio doesn’t require any shopping or flower selecting. Just find an organization or group that fits your passion, and commit to volunteering with them. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, you can spread cheer to Veterans, volunteer at the Food Bank on Singles Night, or give a little love to one of our great partners.

Celebrate San Antonio’s culture and arts scene

Love Your City - arts

This month, learn about San Antonio’s Asian cultures (including the cuisines) at the Institute of Texan Cultures’ Asian Festival. Luminaria also returns for Luminaria Take Two, so visit San Antonio Museum of Art and the Tobin Center for more immersive arts. And to really get in the Valentine’s Day spirit, don’t forget to check out “Love Poems to San Antonio” at the Creative Commons. (Bonus: all of these make great dates, too!)

Donate to your favorite organization

The great thing about love is how happy it makes you feel. And research shows that giving to an organization you love can also make you feel that good! People who give back to their communities have lower blood pressure, increased self-esteem, less depression, lower stress levels, and increased happiness. Donate to a group you’re already familiar with, or view our partners to find another organization that fits your passion.

Visit San Antonio’s beautiful green spaces

Love Your City - parks

Not only do we have wonderful parks and outdoor spaces, but we’ve got the weather to enjoy them year-round! Make the most of this sunny February, and go for a hike at Government Canyon, visit Yanaguana Garden to feel like a kid again, or learn how to start a community garden with Green Spaces Alliance.

Make a commitment to San Antonio

We aren’t asking you to propose or anything, but we encourage you to commit to making a difference in San Antonio even after Valentine’s Day and this month of love have ended. Whether it’s mentoring a student, becoming a member of a museum, or making a recurring donation to the cause of your choice, we hope you’ll find a way to take your passion and use it to #loveyourcity year-round.