SA2020’s operations ended on March 28, 2024.
Our data, reports, and stories will remain online through September 2024. Read more about our decision to dissolve on our blog.
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Realizing the Dream of a World-Class City: Driving Action in San Antonio

At SA2020, we believe in dreaming. After all, the vision that our community collectively created back in 2010 is just that: a dream for our city. And everyday, all across town, organizations and individuals make progress toward that. We figured it was about time to celebrate that (again), so we’re hosting a super exciting event during DreamWeek!

“Realizing the Dream of a World-Class City: Driving Action in San Antonio” is a panel discussion about, you guessed it, action that helps us realize our dream for 2020. We’ll hear from several community members, representing awesome organizations, about the real progress they’re creating for San Antonio. And with a collective vision to work off of, we have a tangible sense of direction for that action.


Image courtesy of Hemisfair

Andres Andujar, CEO of the Hemisfair Area Redevelopment Corporation, oversees the huge task of redeveloping Hemisfair into a bustling, connected, and sustainable space in the heart of downtown San Antonio. He’ll be one of our panelists, speaking about the immense progress made at Hemisfair and how our community’s vision guides those plans.

YMCA San Antonio

The YMCA of Greater San Antonio works not only to increase access to fitness and health, through programs like Síclovía and the Diabetes Prevention and Control, but to also improve social connectedness while doing so. Sandy Morander, CEO and President, will be a part of our panel to discuss the importance of these causes and how the organization drives action around them.

SA Tomorrow

Councilman Ron Nirenberg represents District 8, and during his tenure has focused on creating solutions for challenges such as San Antonio’s transportation infrastructure and long-term water supply. He certainly understands the value of a collective vision: he’s currently the chair of SA Tomorrow, a comprehensive plan for improving San Antonio’s land use, sustainability, and transportation by 2040. This City of San Antonio planning effort builds on the SA2020 vision, and Councilman Nirenberg will share the action it’s driving.


Image courtesy of DreamWeek

For most of the year, Sho Nakpodia spends his days working in design and marketing at his firm The Mighty Group. Come each January, though, he redirects his attention to a different type of project: DreamWeek San Antonio. As the founder of this 12-day celebration, Sho envisioned it as an opportunity for all types of different people to engage and interact with one another in order to encourage tolerance and equality. While he’ll certainly be busy during DreamWeek, he’ll also join us at the panel to discuss why social connectedness and community engagement is a vital part of San Antonio becoming a world-class city.

SA2020’s very own President and CEO, Molly Cox, sees the impact of our collective vision everyday. Besides the SA2020 team, she works closely with partner organizations and various coalitions, all of whom are driving action in their collective areas–all to achieve the dream our community set forth for 2020. She’ll be a part of the panel to share more of SA2020’s updated data and explain where we are in this vision.

We’re so excited to share more of our progress and learn even more about the great organizations who are helping realize our dream of a world-class city. If you want to join in, you can purchase your tickets right here. Can’t wait to see you there and dream a little more with you!