New Parents, New Commitments

PattiRadleBy Patti Radle, SA2020 Board Member and 2014 Resolutions Leader (follow her here!)

Update on my SA2020 Resolution to get people to stop using bottled water–I have another commitment!

To recap, so far I’ve received commitments from Dr. Perez, Superintendent of SAISD, Shelley Potter, CEO of the Alliance, State Representative Mike Villareal, pastor of my church, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in San Antonio, Fr. Mike Bouzigard, S.J. among others. (Check out my previous posts for the full story.)

montezNext to take the pledge: Richard and Lindsey Montez! They’re a young married couple who responded readily to the challenge to not use bottled water for the rest of 2014.  I love their thinking — as parents, they want to demonstrate respect for the environment from the get-go.  They will be such great role-models for their children and teach them great lessons by their actions.

Richard works at SER Jobs for Progress in Business Services.  Lindsey is a “stay-at-home” mom and is expecting their second child.

Here is what Richard wrote in response to my request to him and Lindsey to join in the resolution:

“Lindsey and I are happy to make the commitment to not drink or purchase bottled water in 2014 and beyond.  In our own lives we have made commitments to the environment that include strict recycling and, as fairly new parents, expecting a second now, we have committed that for the first 8 months of their lives, our children will wear only cloth diapers in order to do our part and raise them to be conscious of their habits. Gotta start em’ young!”

Richard continues with an appeal, “I hope that more people will make this same promise to kick bottled water, as they reflect on the importance of our planet and our impact on sustaining it for future generations.”

Thank you, Richard and Lindsey!

I continue here to ask you, the reader, to read these articles from Harvard and The Good Human and contact me at if you would like to join in this resolution.

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