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National Attention for our City on the Rise

After releasing our 2016 Impact Report, we’re feeling especially proud of the city we call home. The progress toward our collective goals is increasing, and more and more individuals and organizations are getting involved. And while our work at SA2020 provides us with the privilege to see these local efforts up close and personal, it’s always nice for an outsider (or two or three) to also recognize and celebrate what our community is doing. We’ve loved seeing San Antonio land on national lists and in major publications the past year, so we’ve rounded up some recent accolades for our city on the rise.

  • Travel and Leisure readers named San Antonio America’s friendliest city, a fitting distinction for our large city that still feels like a small town (and is home to the kindest people we know).
  • Along the same lines, a YouGov study listed San Antonio as the 2nd most neighborly city in the U.S., as we’re more likely to know our neighbors and say hello to them. (We’re also some of the least likely to say that we don’t like making small talk, the study shows.)
  • The same Travel and Leisure polling gave us one of our favorite accolades: America’s 2nd favorite cityOur history, amazing food scene, and aforementioned friendly locals pushed San Antonio toward the top of the travel list.
  • Taking safety, education, economics, and more into account, Value Penguin’s recent study ranked San Antonio as the 14th best city for young families
  • Zillow asked a similar question, but took the perspective of the kids in the family rather than the parents. Their study looked at things that children would prioritize when moving to a new city, including access to parks and space for treehouses and play rooms. San Antonio was 4th on that list.
  • An study found that San Antonio isn’t just a great city for the very young—it’s also a good fit for young adults. After analyzing employment opportunities, demographics, and cost of living, they listed San Antonio as the 5th best city for recent grads.
  • After looking at similar criteria, as well as veteran services and culture, a Military Times survey ranked Military City, USA as the 4th best large city for veterans to live.
  • Looking at entrepreneurship and business growth, a recent Kaufman Foundation report listed San Antonio as the 9th best city for growing companies.
  • Citing our recent population growth and boost in new jobs, Forbes rated San Antonio as the 12th best city for jobs.
  • Finally, and most recently, the Boston Globe studied community mental health treatment across the country and came to view San Antonio as a “national model” for mental health care and interventions. We recommend reading the entire article, as it speaks to exactly how our community values collaboration and hard work to find real, life-changing solutions.