SA2020’s operations ended on March 28, 2024.
Our data, reports, and stories will remain online through September 2024. Read more about our decision to dissolve on our blog.
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Join the SA2020 Partner Party!

Partner Application Open

If you don’t already know, SA2020 is all about working together. From the City government to various coalitions to community members themselves, we believe collaboration is key to reaching our vision for the year 2020. And a huge part of that collaboration is the work we do with our SA2020 Partners: incredible organizations whose efforts produce outcomes supporting our 11 Cause Areas. These Partners work everyday to make San Antonio better, and SA2020 tries to make that work a little easier for them. We love our Partners—and what we’re able to do together—so much that we want to work with even more. So, we’ve opened our application once again!

We’re excited to add to the list of 133 current Partners. These organizations are based across Bexar County, and their missions include everything from decreasing waste through arts programming to increasing literacy and educational attainment. To move the needle on all 59 of our community indicators, we know we need to work with as many groups and knowledgeable people as possible.


SA2020 supports these fantastic partners through connection, collaboration, data sharing, and storytelling. We work hard to get the word out to the community about their great opportunities, connect them with other organizations and resources, and incorporate their data into our dashboard to better track our community’s progress. Oh, and we also volunteer with them ourselves!

Mary Elizabeth Cantu, founder of Spare Parts, explains, “SA2020 has served as an extension to Spare Parts’ efforts. SA2020 provides resources, people power and opportunities. I reach out to SA2020 for insight related to transforming Spare Parts to a full-time organization.”

We’re so excited to have the chance to work with more organizations in Bexar County. Here’s who we’re looking for:

  1. Your primary area of focus is San Antonio or Bexar County;
  2. Your organization can show clear outcomes for one or more of the SA2020 Cause Areas;
  3. Your organization provides opportunities that are open for the public to get directly involved (i.e. charitable giving, volunteering, board service, attendance at events, etc.);
  4. Your organization is willing and able to share how your efforts are impacting the community on an annual basis.

(Most of our partners are non-profits, but as we said at the beginning, we’re all about collaborating—so if you or your organization would like to get involved, we’d still love to hear from you!)

Interested? Know an organization who might be? We’d love for you to apply—or share the information! All the details and application can be found right here.

Our SA2020 Partners remind us everyday that we are #StrongerTogether. We can’t wait to work with and learn about more of the great organizations who are changing San Antonio for the better!