Introducing “The Story Goes…”

We’re so excited to launch our new collaborative podcast with KLRN, The Story Goes! In each episode, you’ll get to know an individual or organization quietly (or loudly) disrupting our community and helping to change San Antonio’s story.

In our first episode, we introduce you to Jessica Gutierrez, Donor Relations Coordinator at Clarity Child Guidance Center. Jessica, on her second day on the job, volunteered with the Clarity team at last year’s SA2020 Impact Report Luncheon. During the program, she heard about Upgrade, which helps adults in San Antonio return to college to finish up their degrees.

Jessica, like 300,000 San Antonio residents, had started college shortly after graduating high school, but ended up leaving to start her nonprofit career and raise her two young children. After hearing about Upgrade’s mission and realizing she was the only one at her table without a college degree, she felt motivated to go back to school.

Jessica’s well on her way to completing her education and joining the 35% of San Antonians with a college degree. On The Story Goes, hear more about how people like Jessica and organizations like Upgrade are flipping the script and changing our community for the better.

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