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Connect With Your Neighbors at National Night Out

National Night Out is tomorrow! During these free events, hosted in neighborhoods around the country, individuals are encouraged to head out to meet their neighbors, talk with local police, and form connections to make their communities safer and more united. It’s an easy, fun way to truly make a difference where you live, and we’re big supporters of it.

As the name suggests, National Night Out is a nationwide effort to get people out of their homes and into streets, schools, community centers, etc. with their neighbors. (The rest of the country celebrates in August, but because it’s just now bearable to hang out outside—and because we always like to do things a little differently—Texas’s National Night Out is the first week of October.) National Night Out began with the belief that neighborhoods and cities do better—and become safer—when neighbors and local law enforcement all know one another. At block party-like events, put on by neighborhood associations, community organizations, and city governments, National Night Out encourages these connections.

In a city that prioritized safer communities and connected neighborhoods, National Night Out is the perfect opportunity for individuals to move the needle. Places become safer when we know those who live around us and form positive relationships with law enforcement. Our neighborhoods become more cohesive, livable, and vibrant when we spend more time outside and with one another. As former Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison said, “National Night Out triumphs over a culture that isolates us from each other and allows us to rediscover our own communities.”

National Night Out 2016

Many local organizations are hosting National Night Out tomorrow, so we’re sure you can find one that’s close to your home! Check out our map here. (If you know of a NNO that’s not listed here, please let us know!) Then, make plans to have a night out tomorrow—and bring your neighbors along.