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SA2020 | From Bond Packages to Constitutional Amendments to School Boards: It’s Time to Vote! | SA2020

From Bond Packages to Constitutional Amendments to School Boards: It’s Time to Vote!

Saturday, May 7 will bring another election, and if you’re registered to vote in Texas, you’re eligible to participate. Exactly what your ballot will look like depends on where you live—so we’re breaking down what you might see on the ballot and what it means. For more information about voting (in this election and future ones!), visit

San Antonio Bond Election

If you’re registered to vote in San Antonio city limits, you’re eligible to vote in the 2022 Bond Election. A municipal bond program allows a city to borrow money in order to fund public projects and improvements. Before any of those projects can begin, the program must receive voter approval. In San Antonio, local government usually develops a bond program every 5 years. The 2022-2027 Bond Program totals $1.2 billion and is made up of 6 propositions: streets, bridges, and sidewalks; drainage and flood control; parks and recreation; library and cultural facilities; public safety facilities; and affordable housing. 

At the polls, you’ll see each proposition listed separately and will vote “for” or “against” each of them. The bond program includes 183 total projects that were developed by a committee of community members and are located all across the city. The bond program will help fund lots of important infrastructure and projects (including affordable housing for the first time) and will not require a property tax increase. To learn about all of the projects included, check out the City’s Bond Information Guide.

Texas Constitutional Amendment Election

When the Texas legislature proposes amendments to the state constitution, those must go to Texas voters for approval. There will be two of these propositions on the ballot, both aimed at property tax relief. If you’re registered to vote anywhere in Texas, you’re eligible to vote on these propositions. 

Proposition 1 would lower property taxes for homeowners with a disability and those aged 65+. Proposition 2 would raise the state’s homestead exemption from $25,000 to $40,000, lowering school property taxes. The state plans to replace the property taxes lost with other funding to school districts. You’ll vote “for” or “against” each proposition at the polls.

Other Elections

Depending on where in Bexar County you live, you might have other elections on your May 7 ballot. That includes school board elections (in Alamo Heights ISD, Comal ISD, Medina Valley ISD, and Northeast ISD), school bond elections (in Harlandale ISD, Medina Valley ISD, and Northside ISD), and elections in local municipalities outside of San Antonio city limits. To see exactly what will be on your ballot, enter your address on Bexar County’s election website.

We know all of this can get overwhelming. We also know voting information that is easy to understand and access helps get folks to the polls. If you have other questions about the May 7 election, head to, SA2020’s one-stop voting resource available in both English and Spanish. Early voting starts April 25. We’ll see you at the polls!