Community Results & Indicators: Feedback

In 2010, nearly 6,000 people created a shared vision for the future of San Antonio, prioritizing eleven Community Results and 62 Community Indicators. Ten years later, in the midst of a global public health crisis, the momentum for San Antonio’s shared Community Vision has never been stronger. More than 12,000 San Antonians have reaffirmed and strengthened the shared Community Vision for another decade.


January – September 2020

Online surveys, conversations, and events
Feedback from nearly 11,000 community members

Explore those responses here.


SA2020 reviews and analyzes community responses and strengthens Community Results & Community Indicators

80 local content experts provided initial feedback and edits.

September – November 2020

Online community conversations (in partnership with UTSA class) and an online form

Below, you can see how 261 community members have responded so far.

Overview of Responses

See how San Antonians reviewed the draft Community Result statements and the top Indicators selected for each Result. While community members are invited to provide feedback on multiple word clusters, the data represented here shows each respondent’s first choice.

Responses by Demographics

Throughout all of our engagement efforts, we are asking people for their demographic information to ensure participation is representative of San Antonio by race, gender, age, and geography. We additionally use this information to identify concerns and priorities by demographics. Below, you can explore the responses to our online form by demographics. Hover over (or click, on mobile) a section of each pie chart to see how San Antonians selected a Community Result to review.