Laura Carter

Laura Carter is a writer, blogger, social media maven, and nonprofit advocate. A communications professional, she is currently working with Blessed Sacrament Academy on Mission Road helping develop their communications/fundraising programs. Laura serves on the Advisory Board of spare parts. In addition, she volunteered in previous years with TEDxSA

Strengthening Families at the Parents’ Academy

Parents’ Academy, on the campus of Blessed Sacrament Academy, exists to strengthen and empower families. The more nurturing, guidance, and support a parent gives, the better their child is equipped to thrive in the face of life challenges. Many parents,

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Blessed Sacrament Academy Celebrates 90th Anniversary

In the midst of the festivities surrounding the first anniversary of the San Antonio Missions’ designation as a World Heritage Site, Blessed Sacrament Academy celebrated its 90th year of caring and compassionate ministry with an event at St. Joseph Assembly

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Spare Parts Fine Arts Fair 3

It Isn’t Waste ‘Til We Waste It

“Imagine a place in San Antonio where waste inspires creativity…because it isn’t waste ’til we waste it,” reiterates Mary Elizabeth Cantú, Founder and Director of Spare Parts. As an organization whose mission includes–cultural and environmental sustainability; affordability and accessibility to

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Spare Parts Tree of Life

Collaborative Art Sees a Creative Reuse Forest

See the Forest for the Trees is a remarkable artistic partnership between spare parts, the Southwest School of Art Teen Program (aka Bee Nation), and AP Art Lab. Members of Bee Nation decided they wanted to make a statement with a

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Turning Observation Into Action

By Laura Carter As a longtime resident of San Antonio, blogger and nonprofit enthusiast, I have been aware of SA2020 since the beginning. I watched the NOWCastSA live webcast of the first community meeting. Skeptical, but interested, I payed attention

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