Kelley Phillips

Kelley V. Phillips is the San Antonio River Foundation’s Program and Outreach Director. With a Master of Science in Park and Resource Management, she whole heartedly believes in the Foundation’s vision to inspire stewardship and is always looking for opportunities to enhance experiences on our restored San Antonio River.

The Thrill of Making Waves

Kayaking is something you do on the East Coast, Western Rivers or Boundary Waters. On travel blogs’ lists of places to enjoy water recreation, arid South Central Texas isn’t even in the Top 50—yet. On Saturday, November 11, 2017, hundreds

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San Antonio River-Inspired Cocktails Support Public Art

It’s surprising what you’ll find in a cocktail these days. Strawberry pear nectar, turmeric tea syrup, and candied thyme sprigs are just some of the deliciously eclectic ingredients within these modern creations. Those attending the 9th Annual Rivertini, San Antonio’s

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